Equipment Sales

Genoa Lawn Center sells a variety of outdoor power equipment for your lawn and garden.


Genoa Lawn Center is a  outdoor power equipment dealer.  There are basically four reasons Genoa Lawn Center sells Husqvarna outdoor power equipment.

Husqvarna manufactures quality equipment across all of its product lines.
Husqvarna products are a good value.
Husqvarna offers so many types of outdoor power equipment.
Husqvarna stands behind it products.  Product support and warranty are outstanding.

is largest manufacturer of outdoor power equipment in the world.   To learn about Husqvarna power equipment, CLICK HERE.


Typically we sell used lawnmowers and lawn tractors.  You may also find other equipment from time-to-time.  Used equipment is acquired, inspected, repaired, tuned up, tested, and tested again before being available for sale.